Memphis Sommeliers

Memphis Sommeliers is a company focused on the presentation and education of all things wine and spirits related.

Locally owned by Marne Anderson and Charles Warner, Memphis Sommeliers  combines a love of wine and spirits with the desire to reveal the wonders of the drinks world to those interested in learning more.  For too long the image of this industry has been dominated by Wine Snobs and self-proclaimed Liquor Specialists.  Too often these attitudes have prevented many from enjoying their beverages.

There are too many myths and mysteries associated with wine and spirits that, unfortunately, keep some of us from exploring the world of beverages and trying new things.  "red wine gives me headaches,"  "expensive wines are always better,"  "good wines always have a cork."   "only red wine is  worth aging." "white wine with fish and red wine with meat,"   "sweet wines are for inexperienced palates."  These are just a few of the pervasive misconceptions that should be corrected in order to allow drinkers the great experiences that are out there.

The exploration and examination of various styles of wine and spirits, and different countries of origin can lead to the discovery of a whole new world of beverages, unlocking new and exciting experiences.

"Wine brightens the life and thinking of anyone."

                                                                      Thomas Jefferson