Memphis Sommeliers

In today's age of image and entertainment the corporate dinner is often employed as a gentile yet structured way of mixing business with pleasure.  Hosting a corporate dinner, whether with one's boss or with clients, can be a stressful experience which can be made much more difficult if the host is unfamiliar with basic wine etiquette and concepts.

An improperly opened bottle of sparkling wine, poorly chosen wine for the group, and ignorance of proper serving priorities can all cast a pall over an executive dinner.  Being familiar with essential wine etiquette can easily turn a disaster into a success.

Memphis Sommeliers can provide this basic training to a corporate staff which will guide them through such tasks as opening Champagne/sparkling wine properly, wine list comprehension and the selection of appropriate wines, tipping, and using the available resources of a restaurant's wine staff.  Classes may be tailored to any size group and in as much, or as little, detail as is required.

"Making good wine is a skill; making fine wine is an art."

                                                                                 Robert Mondavi